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August 2021

The Mental Health Trade-Off: When Spending More Money Might Be The Right Choice

Mental health is a factor in making a financial decision. Making financial decisions based solely on mathematical calculations of costs and savings is not always the most prudent choice if the risk to one’s mental health is too great to justify the savings. The article uses a real-world example to demonstrate how the analysis might be done to determine...

December 2020

Financial counseling

Financial Counseling and Coaching for the Client and the Practice

In the lifecycle of financial planning, coaching and counseling are similar in approach but serve different purposes. Dr. Chien talked with coaching experts Saundra Davis who helps us see how financial planning practitioners can improve their practices and service to clients with specialty services.

How to Counsel Clients Without Shaming Them

Unintentional client shaming can result from thoughtless word choices and body language during financial counseling and may damage the client-advisor relationship. A clinical psychologist offers advice on how to avoid shaming.

November 2020

July 2020

Award-Winning Finalist in the Business: Personal Finance/Investing category of the 2020 International Book Awards

CHARLOTTE – Value Growth Institute is pleased to announce, Dr. Chia-Li Chien's latest peer-reviewed research book "Enhancing Retirement Success Rates in the United States: Leveraging Reverse Mortgages, Delaying Social Security, and Exploring Continuous Work," was named Award-Winning Finalist in the Business: Personal Finance/Investing category of the 2020 International Book Awards. Chia-Li Chien, Ph.D., CFP®, PMP®, is the Succession Program Director of Value...

March 2020

Save Your Business during the Coronavirus Crisis

During the Coronavirus crisis, small businesses and private nonprofits without standby working capital should consider disaster loan assistance from the U.S. Small Business Administration.

May 2019

April 2019