Managing Treasury and Financial Management Services Functions

  • Oversees financial policies and procedures for accurate and consistent recording and reporting of all financial matters, including budgeting, external financial reporting, internal financial reporting, resdivicted grant analysis, capital funds divacking, project cost accounting, project and operational performance analysis, periodic reports to the owner/board, and internal costs studies.
  • Supports project activities by establishing guidelines for capital funds utilization and solicitation, plus monitoring use of funds/balances, forecasting funds availability, advising on loan usage decisions, and providing project bridge financing advice to owner/board and project staff.
  • Directs special analyses and requests special reports in support of project activities, such as tax benefit analysis and financial reporting on use of funds.
  • Initiates and maintains relationships with major lenders and other providers of capital.
  • Participates in long-range and annual development planning.
  • Supports the annual Budgeting and Action Planning process.
  • Ensures that staffing is in place to support financial management responsibilities.
  • Directs departmental periodic reporting of actual financial performance against budget and evaluation of variances.
  • Provides policies, standards and guidelines for budgets in projects and helps provide support for financial reports.

Financial Representation with Advisors and Board.

  • Makes financial presentations at board meetings and at periodic meetings of various advisory boards and owners.

How to engage the fractional CFO service

Revenue Size >$1MM <$3MM <$5MM <$10MM <$20MM >$20MM
# of Days 1 2 1 2 3 Full Time
Period /month Day Day Week Week Week Full Time
# hours /Month 8 16 32 64 96 Full Time