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October 2015

Financial planning anew in retirement: Life changes spur adjustments

In retirement, individuals may find that changing circumstances dictate a change in their financial plans. Chia-Li Chien highlights one couple’s journey in adapting, post-retirement, to unexpected events.

July 2015

Can a Family Business Finance Your Retirement: With the right succession plan, it can!

Follow Chia-Li Chien's story of a family business as they attempt to navigate a successful transition from parents to child, with the business financing their retirement.

June 2015

Make the right pick: How your choices now can affect three generations to come

Chia-Li Chien uses an age-old Chinese saying to demonstrate the need for making the right choices today that will allow you to stay focused on your goals and dreams for the future.

September 2014

August 2014

Meet Your Business Goals with Forecasting: Creating a Forecasting System

Chia-Li Chien | Aug. 28, 2014 In my previous article, How Well Do You Forecast in Business? we explored the difference between forecasting and budgeting. We concluded that regular monitoring to forecast and reforecast can help businesses achieve goals proactively. Remember, forecasting is a process, not just a set of numbers. But what if you’re tasked with forecasting a project, an initiative,...