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December 2020

Financial counseling

Financial Counseling and Coaching for the Client and the Practice

In the lifecycle of financial planning, coaching and counseling are similar in approach but serve different purposes. Dr. Chien talked with coaching experts Saundra Davis who helps us see how financial planning practitioners can improve their practices and service to clients with specialty services.

October 2016

Recognize Behavioral Signs before Your Emotions Take over in Making Strategic Financial Decisions

Many of our key financial decisions take place in the midst of emotionally stressful circumstances (weddings, illnesses, deaths, births). What should decision-makers guard against to help ensure solid financial choices?

March 2016

Managing Major Business Change

When events in the life of a business necessitate a shift in the terms of operation, how will you manage the necessary changes

February 2016

Changing business practices to reflect new market realities

The importance for businesses of adapting to the ever-changing nature of competition in their markets