Succession Key Value Drivers

Five steps to define your key value drivers

Step 1 is to asses your current business and its financial situation. Accurately understand your opportunities in your business and in your industry. Your financial statements will show a lot of the economic characteristics in your business.
Step 2 is to set your S.M.A.R.T. PROFITS MATTER® goals. The value drivers are to address the bottom line for the business. We want to learn what your ideal profit margin looks like and find opportunities to address it.
Step 3 is to identify the gaps and test the alternatives. Based on the assessment and your goals, we help you understand the gaps. Together we will test the alternatives to determine the best way to achieve your goals.
Step 4 is to develop the P VARIABLES® both in long and short term strategies.


  • Pull Marketing
  • Predictable Profits
  • Professional management team (or non-owner management team)
  • Intellectual Properties

Step 5 is to implement the strategies and to provide on-going monitoring. A strategy without implementation and monitoring is a waste of your time and effort. We ensure your strategies are put into action in a coordinated and integrated fashion. In addition, our implementation management will help you stay on track and continue to meet your goals.